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Apprivoiser la foudre

Apprivoiser la foudre is a site-specific installation that suggests an ephemeral merging of architecture, history and natural phenomena. The glass structure of Nova Scotia Power’s new Corporate Office is used to “contain an electrical storm.” The architecture of this historical building and its past and future purposes conveys its strong connection with the natural world. While an electrical storm usually requires that one look for shelter due to the potential danger of such a natural phenomenon, the installation presents the storm in a way that underplays the element of danger, and instead invites contemplation of — and awe at — this powerful natural phenomenon.

Apprivoiser la foudre was an ephemeral site-specific installation in Nova Scotia Power’s new Corporate Office under construction on Lower Water Street in Halifax. Fog machines and different types of lights were placed on different floors of the glass structure of the building, and triggered at different intervals to suggest a “contained electrical storm”. This installation was conceptualised in collaboration with Douglas Bamford and was part of Nocturne – Art at Night on October 16th 2010.

Photo credits: RPM Productions

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