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Le vaisseau évaporé

In the 17th Century, Cyrano de Bergerac wrote about a man who attempts to travel to the moon by attaching dew bottles to his waist, so that these bottles lift him while the dew evaporates with the heat coming from the sun.

Le vaisseau évaporé is a celestial fiction inspired by this brief passage from one of the first science-fiction novels ever written. The journey takes place between the earth and the moon. The drawings in the animation are created with an anti-fog product applied to pieces of glass. A humidifier is used to make the invisible drawings appear and disappear – just like the dew that falls on earth at night and rises back to the sky in the morning.

Le vaisseau évaporé is a first project that explores this technique where an anti-fog product and fog are used to animate. Another project currently in progress called Catalogue des planètes using this same animation technique will suggest the continuation of a trip into space by evaporation.

Animation video created with drawing on pieces of glass with an anti-fog product. A humidifier makes the drawings appear and disappear. The background is created with a series of watercolours. Sound design and music are created by La Gabatine. 3 minutes 49 seconds.

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