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Paysages sismographiques

The time-based installation Paysages sismographiques deals with the idea of slippage, and of one thing collapsing into another. For this series of sculptures, press moulds were created using different kinds of packing material. These moulds were then used to print texture onto porcelain shapes that refer to flowers. These porcelain flowers were then precariously assembled on a pivoting structure that rocks subtly when triggered at different intervals by a microcontroller. The activation of the structure evokes a piece of landscape being set in motion by a series of natural phenomena. The flowers, sometimes moving and sometimes inert for long, unpredictable moments, gradually fall into each other, conveying a precarious state that is perpetually shifting and slipping.

Paysages sismographiques, porcelain, foam, steel structure, hardware, motors, electronic circuit, microcontrollers, electrical wire, 18 x 40 x 27 in. for each structure, (variable dimensions for the whole installation), 2015

Photo credits : Guy L’Heureux

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