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Working with porcelain is at the foundation of Amélie Proulx’s formal and artistic research. Through her work she manipulates and redirects everyday objects in order to breathe new meaning into them. This results in metaphors evoking, notably, the cycles of transformation in nature, at once fragile and immutable.

Here, the artist presents a vision of a winter garden: We find small trees and ivies, which, suddenly denuded of their foliage, present arrangements of faded flowers. Arranged on a table is a motley assortment of objects—small jars, skulls, disco balls—suggesting a kind of “studio landscape.”

The installation thus takes the form of a vanity, evoking the ephemeral character of life, but maybe even more the potential of metamorphosis, perhaps of regeneration, which slumbers sometimes in things that we believe to be complete, situations that we think to be resolved, or longings that we feel to be satisfied.

Anne-Sophie Blanchet – Paysages-Fragments Curator

Porcelain, nichrome wire, pins, variable dimensions

Photo credit : Étienne Dionne

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